New Razorback Roster #s, heights, weights … bl/roster/

Nice to see the real heights and weights

Arlando Cook (6-8, 206) and Dustin Thomas (6-8, 225) now listed as 6-8 after previously being listed at 6-7

CJ Jones needs to find the cafeteria and the weight room, but I really like the looks of having tall guards again.

The link lists Cook’s height at 6-8 and not 6-7. What am I missing?

We were discussing the frontcourt options on the old board last week. At that time the official roster had Arlando Cook and Dustin Thomas both listed at 6’7". They have now both been changed to 6’8".

While being recruited, this guy was listed at 6-5 and like 210-215. Now he is 6-3. In his bare feet is he 6-3 or 6-2?

I thought he was a big point guard at 6-5…apparently not.

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Unless I measure them myself, I can’t tell until they get here and are measured. So I use their college/high school heights listed by the school.

And when they start playing in socks (as I have explained many times), that is the measurement I will take as the right one.

The angst over that has always been a little much for me

And then at the NBA combines they seem to shrink even more.

The heights and weights will change more as they grow too. I don’t get that worried about 6-5 versus 6-3 for a guard as long as they have an offer sheet like Jaylens. Our competitors saw him and knew his height and begged him to come play at their school.

I get what you’re saying, because Barford’s height difference was the first thing I noticed when I checked out the roster a few days ago. But 6-3, 202 is still great size for a PG, even by NBA standards. The average PG in the 2015 draft was 6-2. Being 6-5 put you in the 90th percentile. Russell Westbrook is arguably the most athletic, physically imposing PG of all-time and he’s 6-3, 200. Obviously not suggesting Barford is in that realm, just giving an example of someone with basically identical measurables.

But yeah, all that said, you’d prefer him being closer to 6-5 than 6-3. I’m not saying Arkansas short-changed his height, but it is interesting to me that he guarded a lot of teams’ post players at his JUCO. Speaks to his physicality and strength.