New Razorback graduation data

Matt, I’m curious. Kentucky’s GSR in men’s basketball was 100. With all the one and done’s Calipari has had, how can that be? I know a kid can come back and get his degree but I doubt every kid in those classes (some NBA players still active) finished up.

I was about to say the same thing. There were NINE one and dones in the years 2011-2014.

Teams aren’t penalized if a player goes pro if he leaves in good academic standing.

OK, that makes it much more believable. Forgot about that.

GSR was established as an alternative to federal six-year graduation rates. The NCAA leaders did not feel the federal rates were an accurate representation of athletic programs because they did not take into account unique factors in athletics like transfers and players going pro early.

Arkansas, for instance, has a score of 85 in the GSR in this reporting period, but a score of 59 in the federal rate.

Like the players who declare professionally before they graduate, the GSR also does not count transfers against a university if they leave in good academic standing.

Follow-up question, what about a player that declares pro and leaves in good standing but is not drafted and does get picked up. Same thing?

I don’t think draft status plays into the equation. A pro could be a player who goes to the NBA or goes overseas to play basketball.

Meant to say does not get picked up but looks like the point is moot.

Well that explains why Left Lane couldn’t get but 10% of the playbook installed. The players were too busy studying academics.:slightly_smiling_face:

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