New ranking

Arkansas is No. 10 in this week’s coaches’ poll. There are 11 SEC teams ranked this week: … test-poll/

That means the only SEC teams unranked this week are Missouri, Alabama and Kentucky. For what it’s worth, Arkansas plays all three of those teams this year.

Or another way to look at it: Half (23 of 46) of Arkansas’ remaining games are against teams that are in this week’s poll.

  1. Vanderbilt
  2. Mississippi State
  3. LSU
  4. Texas
  5. Ole Miss
  6. Auburn
  7. Tennessee
  8. Texas A&M

Softball rankings have not been updated, but the softball team was 14th in both polls last week. But of course our overall athletic program sucks soooooo bad…

Only a complete idiot could believe that Swine! The Razorback Athletic Deparment takes a back seat to no other program in the country. That’s across th board. Fair weather fans don’t watch or follow enough Razorback sports to know what’s going on!
I’m proud to be a Hog! And do my best to keep up with everything Razorback. There’s a few things in my life more important God, family and our country!
I’m just proud this season the hogs baseball team will host LSU, Ole Miss, and Miss St at Baum! The over all schedule will get this young team ready for tournament time! It will be fun to watch.
Also it nice to have games against Texas so please beat those Horns and make them like it! I hate Texas.