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OK I was under the impression the NBA tryouts were in early May. And the the time period to get back in with your college team was shortly there after.

So my thinking is all wrong. What is the timetable for JWill??

Anymore new thoughts we have Not already covered?

Seems to me JWill goes to combine to work out for the team(s) who invited him on May 16-22, sees where the team(s) fall in the draft lottery on May 17, and decides shortly after May 22 depending on feedback from the combine.

That’s what I’m expecting. I think JWill will know where he stands when he leaves Chicago and can make/announce a decision before the June 1 deadline. Which is going to drive all of us nuts (a shorter drive for some than others).

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A reminder that he could technically announce a return on or before June 1 then re-enter prior to the NBA’s deadline. Isaiah Joe did that.

Lord no! I think Joe did that due to the uncertainty surrounding covid, but it wasn’t a good look. I can’t see JWill doing that.

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