New quarterbacks should get early look with new redshirt rule (story)... … hirt-rule/

I am sorry but I disagree that athletics are more important than academics. Making the eligibility rules more lax is not needed. College Sports are already more of a minor league for the professional teams than a concern about an education. Both sports and academics are important but those QB’s who do not want to redshirt should find another school.

Coach Morris said he wouldn’t put a player on the field unless he was ready, both mentally and physically. That makes sense. Then, he talked about how they might not be ready early in the season, but if called upon, could contribute later in the year, without burning their redshirt. The assumption being that they would be more mentally and physically ready later than earlier. Since the early games are when he needs to hone his offense, it doesn’t make sense to play the Freshmen unless they are clearly ready and clearly better than the other, what, six QBs on the roster. That might be the case, but I think it is much more likely to see them get a few snaps later than early, just to let them go into next year with experience, however little it may be.

I guess I am missing the point.

I don’t see anywhere in his quotes that Coach Morris said athletics were more important than academics. In fact, he has been stressing just the opposite. … en-talkin/

Plus both Connor and John Stephen have both said they would understand if they were redshirted, but like every other player on the team does - and should want to - they want to contribute right away.

I think using QB’s is a poor example. Coaches rarely even let the 2nd string QB get many reps so I do not see anyone below possibly the 3rd stringer get any meaningful snaps. The positions that might see a benefit will be all other positions if you have a player that is close but not quite ready.

I love the RS rule it gives a coach and the player a chance to face live bullets and that is the only way they will ever know where they are,they certainly aren’t going to know running the scout team where they are never hit…love the rule and it’s great for college football IMO.

I think the new rule creates an opportunity to shuffle the pecking order of QBs from week to week. Your starter really needs to be your starter, regardless of who you are playing. But the second and third team guys can be mixed and matched from week to week. I think that is likely to happen given where we are at as a program and the likelihood that we will probably blow two or three teams out and maybe get blown out ourselves a few times.

I suspect that it will work out where each week there will be three QBs who are being seriously prepared to play. You will have a starter, a 2A, and a 2B/3. The 2A is the guy who goes in first if the starter leaves when the game is on the line. The 2B/3 guy is in line to get at least some playing time if the game is out of reach one way or another. You might dress a fourth QB for some home games, but that guy is not likely to play.