New proposal for minor league minimum salary

With the NIL, I can see why a player would rather go to college for development rather than the pro draft. Playing conditions are better (at least at the SEC level), most facilities are better, and the travel is much better. And the potential annual income isn’t that much different.

The billionaires and millionaires fight over chippy stuff and these kids live below the poverty line. Disgusting at the least. I’ve talked to former minor league players. It’s a tough life. Parent team should carry the load. Many of the millionaires experienced this first hand and should stand up. Rant over.

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Actually they did. Part of the “lock out” was due to demands for a correction to the minor’s pay scale.

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An A ball team paying $35k is of course a lot heavier lift than a AAA team doing it. MLB ought to be paying it.

What MLB has been doing is mandating facility requirements for the minors without paying any of the costs. Unfunded mandates are seriously squeezing the minor league teams. The Travelers have a very serious problem now with required upgrades to facilities which they can’t afford and which the City of North Little Rock may not be able/want to pay.

Good for the players.

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