New Portal "Big" target for Hogs?

According to information found elsewhere, 6’9" Jaylan Gainey of Brown (Ivy League) has been contacted by Arkansas, among others, upon entering the portal. His offensive skills are reportedly “not well developed”, but he knows what to do when he gets it right around the basket! (Gas…take note!). And he seems like a defensive presence down low.

“Daddy like”…


This guy is seriously long and has hops

Not saying he won’t be a target but it’s very, very early.

Many are interested in him, but in the brief article I saw, he did provide comments and mentioned Arkansas. Far from being close to a “done deal” and did not mean to imply that we are in the driver’s seat. But at least we’re in the car!

By the way, our “in” here is that he is friends with Au’diese Toney.

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If he can’t play defense and cover out away form the basket it could be a situation where he sits! Look where Connor is sitting.

He was the Ivy League’s Defensive Player of the Year. Of course, it’s a big step up from the Ivy to the SEC…but defense seems to be his strength. Take a look at the video and see how many blocked shots are included.

Would be exactly what we need to add for next year. A big who can finish and defend the rim and can spell JWill as well as play hi lo w JWill

The lob to the big off of guard penetration is deadly (Kessler gets 4-5 of these per game) and would be perfect compliment to Nick Smiths game


But might be academically qualified.

Sorry…typo…who “can” finish (fixed now)

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