New poll

D1 Baseball has an all-SEC top 5:
Ole Miss
Mississippi State

Just when you thought SEC baseball couldn’t get any better…

This is just one of the reasons our annual (except for 2020) trip to the SEC Baseball Tournament is such an anticipated getaway.

Well that’s also why DVH said you better enjoy all the wins you can get because when conference play starts
You will need all the wins you can get.
The SEC is rough and a lot deeper in baseball that what it is on any other sport.

SEC baseball sees talk about SEC football dominance and laughs.

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One of these years there’s going to be about six SEC teams in Omaha. This might be that year.

Arkansas is No. 1 in all three polls that have been released so far, including Perfect Game, which had the Razorbacks No. 3 last week.

I’m interested to see how coaches vote. Arkansas edged Vanderbilt by two points for the top spot in that poll last week.

Razorbacks expanded their margin to 20 points in this week’s poll.

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If I’m reading the poll numbers correctly, we were 9 points from maximum and Vandy got six first place votes. So three people ranked us below #2. Or maybe one person ranked us #5.

Hogs with a 2-point edge over Vandy and four points over Florida at the top of the Collegiate Baseball poll.

And remain #1 in Baseball America.

This will be a tug of war until the last sec weekend series probably, strengths and weaknesses will soon be on full display, the team who can handle the mental grind of it and keep improving will have the best shot at winning…

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