New Pinion highlights...can't wait to get this kid on campus

This kid may be our lowest rated recruit coming in next season, but boy, could we use him now.

He reminds me of a more athletic Dusty Hannahs, and he has Al Dillard range.

Wiz, there is a long thread on the recruiting board with this same highlight video at the top of the thread and lots of responses.

By the way agree with you, as do most of the responses. Not being a smart azz, just thought you might want to got to the recruiting board and read everyone’s responses.

Thanks…I thought about posting it there, but thought it fit here as well since he’s already signed.

I’ll check out the other thread.

Making three’s from the Hog logo will get you some playing time. He has a really good mid-range game too.

Assume he plays some defense. Otherwise he won’t see much PT for Muss.

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