New OV date

OL Jalen St. John, 6-5, 310, St. Louis, Mo., Trinity Catholic has moved his OV from Jan. 24 to Jan. 17.

Good news, you think? Or would we rather have last shot? I’m thinking he might commit and not go anywhere on the 24th.

Very good looking player,has a lot of potential to step in and play early… we get Henderson as well and all of a sudden this offensive line looks totally different next year IMO.

Me thinks he is moving the visit up so that he doesn’t miss out on the final OL spot!!

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I’d guess he knows he’s coming here and wants to be here the weekend that all of the other key recruits are going to be here. Could help recruit

Very good possibility, we are on some very good OL recruits and he wants to get in ASAP.