New outlook tonight.....

I dialed up the movie “Greater” for me and the wife tonight. It was exactly what the doctor ordered to give me perspective on what is important. Headed in to the first two games of the year I ran into Burl’s kids at both. Even though Brandon has been gone a while his legacy lives on through the Burlsworth Foundation. We all could learn from Brandon. He never gave up and always gave his all to everything he tackled. His faith was strong and today he lives with our Lord in heaven.

The movie also gives me hope for the future for the Hogs.

If you’ve not seen the movie you are missing out.

Bravo! Great post.

Loving the Hogs has been part of my life since I was old enough to understand what was going on. AKA 1965.

I will be positive because I like being positive. Pretty simple.

Great movie. Brandon was a walk on. He earned everything on the football field. In life I pray that we all have faith !
Man what a shame we had to loose such a fine young man so early in life.
Appreciate your post LD

Good post. Great movie. Excellent young man.