New Orleans organizes best party response to blown call

Gonna be fun but you gotta miss the Rams v Pats facade. Jerks like Chris Meyers be damned, the best two teams are not playing and there will be a city celebration of the Saints. Great musicians who hopped on board early and it is Mardi Gras season for revelry. Great comeback by a city screwed by incompetent refs who will not nor never should be let off the blame hook: … 4b3ec.html

the musical lineup and planned party cuisine is out of this world. GREAT response by the Big Easy!!

It and others were indeed bad calls. However, if the Saints were the superior team, one play would not have mattered.

You must not follow sports if you really believe that. :lol:

New Orleans would be planning a party with or without a blown call…

There are upsets all the time and every losing team can claim to be the better team. Big deal. It is 99% certain if either of the two flagrant penalties (pass interference and targeting) had been called on that play, your “superior” team is sitting home tomorrow watching the Saints in the Super Bowl. JMVVVVVVHO

It was a horrible call.

But New Orleans lost that game and just wants to point to one call instead of their failure to build on a 13-0 lead.

I guess I would as well if I choked the game away.

There is no concentration on the bad penalties that occurred against the Rams.

It was a crew that had a bad game.

New Orleans had the big home field advantage and a 13-0 lead and frittered it away. Every game has bad calls that cost a team a drive, first down, or a score. This call just happened at the end of the game. New Orleans may have fumbled the next play…no one really knows what would have happened. The Saints let that game get away from them…they just didn’t get the job done.

Weather Channel joins the Saints: … 60&slide=0

the prior two archaic and out of touch posts be damned there is now recognition of the WORST call of all time. Each arguement can be countered. Interesting suit filed based on fraud at a low value which will probably force depositions from Goodell. The bad day is as good an example of res iqua loquitir as as ever been witnessed. I still feel wronged by Denkinger and the SWC referee gaffes as anyone. It takes great provocation to poke the NFL and it has happened. Optics are not bad, they are awful.

Boycott bowl was a huge success and overnight ratings were down more than half in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

According to a TV ratings blog I follow, the Super Bowl viewership was down 51 percent in New Orleans last night over last year, and it was the lowest among any of the major metered markets.

Me and some of my buddies were planning on going out to a bar to watch the game, we quickly realized they weren’t kidding when they said they were boycotting it down here. Everywhere we like to go made it clear they would not be showing the game.

So we stayed and watched it on the couch, it was a lot cheaper that way atleast.

The boycott party was crazy apparently. I didn’t go, but it did have traffic on I 10 stopped at some point to watch I guess, not real sure why. There was a lot of people that showed up for it, many wearing ref costumes and holding onto a yellow flag. These Nawlins folks are crazy passionate about their saints. I’m trying to become a saints fan while I’m here. Never have been a fan of an nfl team since we don’t have one back home, also never got pulled into the cowboy fandom.

You cannot truly believe your comment, SILLY!

Totally agree Dudley. While that non-call was a really, really, really bad call, it is not what cost them the game IMO. Hold on to the 13 point lead you had at home. Bad calls went against the Rams as well in that game. Like you said Dudley, the refs had a BAD game that night.

So by this logic, the best team always wins and if you play poorly you don’t win. All those games where we outplayed, outhustled, outgained Texas but we lost because of really
blatant bad calls were all in my imagination? Oh, and SMU
did not foul us and the Liberty Bowl heist by the ugly orange from Knoxville did not happen. If I wanted to take a few hours, I could offer up dozens-no hundreds-of games where we or some other team lost a game DIRECTLY traceable to blown calls by an official in football, basketball, baseball and the USA loss to Russia in 1972 basketball game(for good measure). This is more than a ridiculous assertion on your part, it really is laughable nonsense. Are you maybe a little biased?


Thank you for your opinion and I am glad you find what I said laughable. But, I am not going to believe that the Saints lost this game because of ONE call. Sorry, I just don’t buy that. And to address your comment about being “biased”, I had no dog in that show in NO. I’m not a Rams fan or a Saints fan. Just my opinion. Thanks for paying attention to it.

One last point. The best team is not on any given day the team with the best players. That’s why they play the games.

I was in NOLA yesterday afternoon and downtown was as wild as any game day. “Who Dat” was being shouted repeatedly in the restaurant where we ate, in addition to the many throwing yellow flags. They did a great job of ignoring there was a game there team wasn’t in.

The best team needs to be the best team that day. The best teams usually don’t squander a 13 point lead at home. The best teams don’t throw a pick in OT when all they had to do was score a TD game over.
In closing the best teams have a defense they can count on when offense struggles ie the best teams have the best defense.
But again, the best team doesn’t always win on any given day.

As Dale Earnhardt said,
The fastest car doesn’t always win the race.

Point is that regardless of the teams playing or the sport, the officiating can and sometimes directly does determine the outcome of the contest. To attempt to minimize or deny the reality that we all have witnessed
in this regard is in essence irrational and a waste of time.

We always remember the LAST blown call in a big game, and especially this one, being so obvious to everyone once it was slowed down and replayed over and over. In real time with everything that is on the line, I’m sure the last thing an official wants to do is throw the flag and be a part of the outcome. He will probably always regret not making the call. He without a doubt should have still made that call. But there was also an obvious missed face mask on the Rams previous drive that should have been a TD but, because of the missed call, resulted in a FG, which changed the strategy of the last Saints drive.

There were missed calls both ways. The Saints still had opportunities to win and should have won. Brees didn’t have his best outing, missing some throws he normally connects on and throwing the interception in overtime, and Payton totally mismanaged the clock on that last drive as well…but all we will ever remember is that one blown call that determined the outcome, because the Saints weren’t able to determine the outcome themselves when they had multiple opportunities to do so.

I give the Rams credit, when no one else is, for being able to hang in and win the game in a hostile environment when they could have folded.

I wish the Saints would have won. The refs blew it, but so did they. Would have been a much more entertaining Super Bowl!

But still looked like a great party in NOLA, where they don’t need excuses or bad officiating to throw a good one!

I don’t want to hear about blown calls unless they want to share some of ours during their party…