New Ole Miss mascot

I think that it looks like a turtle. :lol:

:smiley: :smiley:

Reminds me of the shark in Finding Nemo…

You’d have to pay me to look like that!

An ugly turtle at that! :shock:


Obviously created by a committee!

It’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Shark - “Don’a Tello” (anyone that I’m getting illegal payments)


That is so sad and funny which means it is truly Ole MS showing their version
of gender issues. Anything that increases ridicule on that program brings a
smile to my face.

This MUST be a joke?? Please tell me they aren’t serious about this thing. I mean, I hate Ole Miss but even I have a heart & care a little about the, making a total fool of themselves.
I can’t wait to ask my Rebel friends when are they getting their teenage mutant shark head t shirts? Lol

I thought Ole Miss had changed from the Rebals to the Black Bears. That thing is sick looking.

You and many of the players they recruit…

It is my understanding Ole Miss hired Giorgio Tsoukalos of “In Search of Ancient Aliens” fame to come up with the new mascot. This was the result.

They should have stuck with the Rebels and the Colonel. Trying to be politically correct has made them look stupid. :oops:

That was an easy trip for them to make. Somethings come natural to

The black bear thing never caught on. No one believed it or used it. So they decided that since their D has been called the land shark defense, they would call themselves the land sharks. IMO, epic fail.

That would be two epic fails. But an even more epic fail would have been to keep Colonel Reb. So you’re going to depend on recruiting black athletes to win with a mascot that depicts a man who owned slaves/fought to preserve slavery? Uh, no.

I think I would have stuck with Colonel Reb.

^ :lol: :lol: :lol:

I find it ironic that they have changed the mascot to the land shark, but the press release for team graphics shows a shark design in an outline of the state border, and it says “Rebel Country” on it. Is it just me or is does it scream PC with a smidge of hypocrisy thrown it for good measure. We will bend to political correctness, but wink wink, we are the Rebels.