New Offensive tendencies

After again reviewing old tapes of our new offensive coordinator due to anticipation + boredom:


Once Arkansas is hovering around the 43-45 yard line their will be no pooch-punting if the yardage required to make 1st down is less than 10yds.


3rd and 10 is a 50/50 run play. Logical thinking would dictate a passing play but this Offense is built on unpredictability and not allowing defensive adjustments/substitutions.
(4th and inches can easily evolve into a go-route with 4 receivers spread out.)


Negative: The starting QB rarely makes it through a entire 12 season schedule without injury. Lets assume Felipe Franks is your starter and KJ Jefferson is your backup. KB will make sure KJ get plenty of live action vs opponents to keep him comfortable within the Offense.


Negative: Get use to witnessing a lot of 5yd penalties early in season one due to all 11 players not being set before the snap.

Positive: Majority of the time penalties are not drive killers in this Offense.


This Offense isn’t designed to facilitate long time consuming drives. If were up by 1pt with 4 minutes remaining in thec4th its business as usual. Not saying it can’t be engineered but…

No way to judge #1 yet. Going for it on 4th down (I assume that’s what you meant as to the alternative of pooch punting) is a head coach’s decision.

Nice insights on the new offense. Great to see football back on the board!

Going for it on 4th down from mid-field depends a lot on faith in the defense. Same for time off the clock and the score at the time. If your defense is gassed, the Head Coach may say they need some time to rest.

Why is it a negative for your number 2 to get playing time so they are better prepared unless of course number 2 is very bad?

Overall, I think you got it pretty right about the tendencies

The Negative is “The starting QB rarely make it through the season” Felipe will need to be a option QB of sorts in this scheme which equates to taking more hits from SEC DL & LB’s.

Briles scheme absolutely does not allow time to deliberate the next play with the head coach. Its go-go-go!!

Doing this completely eliminates the objective. I’ve witnessed a discussion on the sideline when he was OC at Baylor, FAU, Houston & FSU because the OPPOSING COACH calls time out.

The only time I’ve seen Briles own defense gassed is the Offense is putting up pts so rapidly that the defense is right back on the field.

If Pitman tells Briles to “buy” the defense a little time, a little time will be had. Hopefully, that will not be needed, but the head coach has the final say.

A lost or partial season for this team would not be a total disaster. It would give the offensive line seasoning time and would help with timing in general. It could be a blessing in diguise. A benefit could be gained if, in case of a severely shortened season, players did not lose the season of eligibility. The extra time in the new system is the key.

I hope we get to see and up-tempo offense because Morris’s was anything but up-tempo. This offense can put the defense in a heck of a bind if you’re clicking on all cylinders, what you can’t do is get a bunch of three-and-outs in a row and put your defense in a bind.

Have to agree with that assessment. A 5-6-7 play drive with points on the board is much better than 3 and out and nothing or even 6 and out and nothing.
Points on the scoreboard entices your defense more than punts do. Even if it’s only 2-3-4 plays with points.


Hopefully this offense will be easy to pickup

What do you mean? Didn’t you see all that “left lane, hammer down” we ran the last two seasons? :rofl:

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I knew something was wrong with the left lane stuff before Morris ever coached a game at Arkansas. Just watching SMU film you count the time and see the speed and it was nowhere near the speed of Briles offense at any place he has been.

I would argue that Briles offense greatest differentiators are speed that creates mismatches and taking whatever the defense gives him. He will run the exact same running play over and over if that is what the defense gives him. No arbitrary goal of being 50/50 for 50/50’s sake.

I also note that a quarterback that can run is a big difference in his offense’s effectiveness. A QB that can throw the deep ball is a must - no option. A qb that can run and throw the deep ball is a very serious weapon in this offense.

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Or any offense.

Maybe the “left lane, hammer down” stuff CCM was talking about was the other 70% of the offense that, in two years (two years!), never got installed. :thinking: :grimacing:

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