New O-line lineup

I read that today Ty Clary was at center, and Froholdt was at LG…with Colton at LT.

Gotta gotta gotta know our assignments. I think this group will at least handle that.

Not that I expect this to be some sort of great lineup, but this is, to me, good news. I think its the best available 5. Based on games I’ve watched of them…not practice of course.

Auburn will still smash us.

I am holding out faint hope we can shock the Aggies

Froholdt and Clary also practiced at the positions they have been playing during the opening portion of the practice. They switched during some positional work, probably continuing cross-training in case one is needed at another position.

Where did you read this? If Clary can handle center, that would probably be the best lineup we could have.

Ever since watching our anemic run game against FCS opponent E ILL, I’ve been saying we need Froholdt back at LG. Froholdt was a great LG, especially in the run game, and if we could find just a competent center, like you, I believe that would definitely improve our line play. Hopefully, Ty can be that average center.

I like Froholdt much better at G hope we make that change not that it will transform this into a all of sudden great OL it just makes us better balnced on the OL to have experience on both sides.

If time after time, North Texas could rush 3 and get to our QB, what is Auburn going to do? This year, we should forget about winning, just watch the games, and hope a few players stand out. Hopefully, next year we can win a few a few games.

Sounds like rearranging the deck chairs. This is the stuff you do in the Spring.

Show me some blocking. Have yet to see any in the past 1.5 seasons.

NTS got a rush and sacks with 3. I guess Auburn will only need 1 real dlineman to control the LOS?