New NIL deal for 2.3 million

but it is Livvy Dunne, LSU gymnast.

" Topping that list is Dunne. With 8.74 million followers combined on all social media platforms, Dunne has an NIL valuation of $2.3 million and $31,000 per post value. For comparison, the second athlete on the list is fellow gymnast Sunisa Lee, who became a national sensation last summer after winning Olympic gold with Team USA in Tokyo. With 31.5 million followers, Lee has an NIL valuation of $1.5 million and a $21,000 per post value."

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Ok, educate me—she has a valuation of $2.3M, but does she actually have a “deal” worth that $2.3M?

yes, her card company pays her a 7 figure contract,

Saban and Bama will not tolerate that for very long…

I have no idea why she makes that kind of money. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To me, this is market value. Many of the football deals aren’t in my opinion. When you have college guys supposedly making more or being offered more than NFL players at their position, that’s a bit much.

It must get under control or it will decrease the mass appeal for college football. The problam is compliance will only come when severe penalties are levied against the cheating programs.

so when do the coaches get together to talk about such things?

In the summer over steaks and bourbon down around 30A, celebrating their Sexton-led “fair market” buyout they’ve received.

Speaking of fair market value…. Nobody bats an eye at a 55 year old coach with a losing SEC record getting a 15 million dollar buyout.

A 17 year old running back out of olive branch, Mississippi gets $500K before they step foot on campus? CONGRESS MUST GET AHOLD OF THIS!

Beats the heck out of me Jeremy. Must have an awesome personality :wink:


The Cavinder twins had raked in nearly $2 million by July 1. Since then, who knows? Especially since they transferred from Fresno State to Miami, which certainly would provide local opportunities not found in Fresno.

Not saying these ladies are not stellar athletes, but from the pictures I see, it seems it might not be just about floor exercises and scoring in the paint.

and Suni Lee must be wondering how her gig got topped.

Another question: what does $21,000 per post value mean? Does Swine get $$ per post? If so, that sure clarifies a bunch for me.

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so Fred it is a multiplier money factor like how much money Super Bowls or college bowls generate or bass tournaments that cannot be counted directly but spreads because that event happened. Different social media platforms have different monetary generating capability. It is a bit of a new economy mystery to me, but you know influencers can get to billions when young if Kardashian or the like. No company or platform writes her a check for any posts, but advertising revenue from all the clicks adds up in a hurry. If you ever clicked a side bar ad then the tracking knows why you did and what is worth to the advertiser.

so it’s not a measure of money in the gal’s bank, but a relative factor for advertisers to determine where to place their ads? Or do they pay her to associate their ads with her posts?

This is not that important if you have other things to do. I’m an old dog and you are explaining new thingys to me and I have difficulty understanding.

When fans stop caring and showing up to football games and watching it on tv

How is this the responsibility of Congress? Congress does not govern college or pro sports & private enterprise, including NIL payments to athletes.

It’s sarcasm. :100:

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