New Mexico State

Just watching their win against UConn, Teddy Allen is a bucket (a lot like a bigger version o fJD) but takes a ton of very difficult shots and the rest of their team doesn’t score much. We seem pretty effective at taking your best player away, especially if that guy is in the 6-6 range where we can rotate Toney, Wade, and Umude on them, all of whom are good to elite defenders. Expect Muss to figure out a way to make the rest of the NMSU team beat us if they can. UConn was pretty offensively challenged–I think we should be able to score better than that against the Aggies D.


If we play well, we win. But we will need to play well.

Against the Zags, we might need to play great. But simply playing well should move us on to the sweet 16.

I will say Umude needs to stay hot if JD is gonna stay cold.


I agree that we should start with Toney on Teddy Allen, with the others keeping their eye on him to support Toney. I would be concerned about having Umude guarding him too much as we don’t need Umude to get in foul trouble. Limit Allen to 20 points and we win by double digits.

Interesting bio he has having played for West Virginia, Nebraska, a Junior College, all before landing at NMSU. Although he had success at WVA and Nebraska, to transfer to NMSU is kind of head scratcher.

It’s quite a style difference than Vermont. A lot more height and much more athletic, but a lot less disciplined. They need to hit a lot of threes to stay in most games against decent teams, and they will foul and turn the ball over.

Allen, like JD, is usually going to get his points, and he can occasionally be a really high scorer-like last night. But like JD, he does get into foul trouble at times and occasionally has a bad night shooting the ball.

NMSU needs their other guys to hit some threes. Rice, one of the other guards, tries more than five a game, and hits almost 34%. Rice is also their best assist guy. They’ve got some other guys that occasionally hit the three, and of course those are the ones who usually hit some against the Hogs.

I suspect the Hogs will do the same thing they did with the Vermont star guard-rotate different defenders on him to try to make life difficult. Unlike Vermont, NMSU does not have another proven scorer to take up the slack if Allen doesn’t have a huge game.

I’m not sure I concur there. Vermont was much better handling the ball and driving than I thought they’d be. Coupled with their maturity, they were a nice looking group. I didn’t see a lot of polish yesterday with NMS; surprised they hung on. Maybe they play “fugly” too.

NMS like us, Is also a very confident team therefore the sooner we can take any advantage to
tamper down their confidence I believe will be a huge benefit for us going forward.
We may be “favored” on paper but with all things considered it’s not called March MADNESS for nothing.
Still HAWG BALL time with coach Muss leading the charge.Fear none but respect all!

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I’d agree that Vermont was well drilled and got the max out of their players physical abilities. NMSU is more athletic, but they are not nearly as polished a group of basketball players. It will be more physical inside in this game than the first game, simply because there will be more big bodies that can move a little better in the paint.

I don’t know if NMSU’s forwards and bigger guards can hang in without a lot of foul trouble-they are the kind of players that Notae, Toney and Williams have done well against several times this year. By that I mean they have a hard time avoiding fouls when they challenge shots and drives, and they don’t have a good sense of when not to challenge. I would expect they will come out early like a lot of teams do-daring us to make threes.

I’m also not sure they have the right kind of guys to match up with Umude.

New Mexico State will turn it over against our hogs. Limit Allen and don’t give up the offensive rebounds. Toney or Umude to cover him but we all know Muss will game plan effectively. It’s up to the players to play defense!
Our offense needs Umude and Devo to stay effective. JD and Toney need to jump on board. J Williams should be able to dominate inside when he goes inside. The hogs should be able to get the the free throw line so cash in there.
Allen does get to the free throw line himself so we need to avoid fouling him.

I look forward to this game and home we get to play the winner of the
Zags and Tigers.

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New Mexico state will be a challenge around the rim because they have some big guys. We are going to have to move the ball really well to get some good open shots. I think we will shoot the ball better because we will be more relaxed having won this first game. I think we can hold Allen to 20 or so and if we get JD the shooting the ball the way he can and Stanley staying hot we should be able to get a comfortable win

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Our hogs are more athletic and have more quickness. Get them in foul trouble and make the free throws.

Teddy ‘Buckets’ acted like an a$$ in the game last night, hope we knock him down a couple of notches

Umude will. So will Toney.
I think Nee Mexico State better have a plane to go somewhere else for scoring!

Thankfully NM St. doesn’t have a versatile big shooting 45% behind the 3-pt line like Vermont. That means Jaylin can stay in the paint, play help defense, defend the rim, and grab a bunch of defensive boards.


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