New Mexico State shuts down hoops program

At least temporarily. Won’t play today’s game, coaching staff suspended with pay.

Blurb flashed across my phone last night while I was watching the softball silent movie (plenty on that on the baseball board). but I couldn’t find more than was in that first paragraph. This morning I did. Jeff Goodman has reported that the issue is multiple hazing incidents of player vs. player. Not known yet exactly what form the hazing took.

There was an incident in November involving a fatal shooting before a game between NMSU and the University of New Mexico, but the school said the suspension last night had nothing to do with that. The coaching staff’s actions after the shooting is under separate investigation.

Chris Jans may have gotten out of Las Cruces just in time.

And now it’s shut down for the season. Apparently the hazing incidents included sexual abuse.

Gotta wonder if it was happening on Jans watch.

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Since I don’t know if Jans has any role in what the situation is/was in Las Cruces, so Jans aside, I find it disturbing that so many coaches with significant issues can have their pasts so easily and often quickly dismissed.

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