New Mexico State Game Thread

Over/under 62,000 announced attendance is probably a good one.

Actually, check that. Maybe 50,000.

Good start on the first drive. Third down conversion pass to Jones and the bubble screen to Stewart for 6.

on Arkansas’ first drive of the day, which goes 81 plays.

Austin Allen 4 of 5 for 65 yards with a 38-yard TD pass pass to Deon Stewart, who did most of the work outracing the defenders.

Chase Hayden 2 carries, 10 yards

TJ Hammonds 1-6 and David Williams 1-2

Stewart 1 catch, 38 yards TD

Jordan Jones 1 catch, 16 yards

Jonathan Nance 2-11

Nice defensive series. #3 from NMSU didn’t want any part of Agim on that sack.

Let’s roll…

Montaric Brown isn’t dressed out on the sideline.

Again w/Austin Allen… geez!

Andre Ware needs glasses…

Maybe he does redshirt.

At least for now we seem to have fixed the problems with goal line offense. Didn’t even need the Steamboat this time.

This looks like a game where AA is gonna have a chance to get familiar with some of his receivers. Maybe what we need.

Jordan Jones has looked good so far. Need some people to step up with J-Red out

EDIT: Nance too

I think NM St didn’t read Bob Holt’s story on Nance, because it sure looks like they overlooked him on that TD

They actually double-teamed him and he split the bracket coverage.

Austin Allen now 11 of 13 for 185 yards with 2 TDs and a pick

Jonathan Nance 4 catches, 47 yards and a TD

Jordan Jones 3 catches, 69 yards

Deon Stewart 2 catches, 55 yards, TD

Devwah Whaley 5 carries, 23 yards

Chase Hayden 5-22

David Williams 4-12

Did we put the 2nd string D in?

Where is Dre?

Let Limpert kick a few FG’s, let him get some game experience.

The offense looked good other than the AA interception
The kickoff out of bounds was what we needed last week!
The defense on that last drive allowed New Mexico to just come on down the field. I guess we can’t play defense. Our pass defense sucks and most of the reason no pressure on the QB.

I’m pleased to see improvement

Our Higs overpowered some folks on this team with talent

I like this game - got a chance to chance to continue to get in scheme sync

Pleased so far