NEW: Justin Smith is out 3-6 weeks

Smith had right ankle arthroscopic debridement surgery on Friday, the team announced today.

Hmm. Debridement basically means “going in and cleaning up a mess”. Scan must have showed a bunch of junk, probably there before the injury at Auburn.

Going to really miss him today. Missouri really pounds the ball inside. Hope we hit a lot of threes.

Davonte Davis is starting in his place. Razorbacks running with four guards + Connor Vanover today to begin the game.

This would be a great time for an Ethan Henderson sighting

Can we assume the calf injury wasn’t a major item then? And won’t cause any extension to the 3-6 weeks?

Well without Smith for 3 to 6 weeks is a tough blow! I hope the hogs can keep playing well. Maybe this will help the team in the long run. Devo earned the start. Hope for the best.

Man that hurts. When I saw him coming in on crutches, I had an idea this was more than a bone bruise. Going to be hard for him to stay in shape, too. Hope he’s okay by February. We definitely need him.

that surprises me that they did debridement since it has such weak to no effect on improving ankle/knee function. I was expecting a screw in the syndesmotic ligament to stabilize a high ankle sprain which is 6-8 week recovery. Mental and physical toughness needed… opportunity for UALR transfer to force his way on the floor.

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