New hoops rankings from ESPN

Moses Moody- 17
Gerald Doakes- 58
Nick Ongenda- 60

And that does even include Davis, Moore, Williams, London. Geez there is no way this isn’t the best in state class in history.

2020 rankings: … class/2020

Victor Ikuwador- 92

2019 rankings: … class/2019
Lock him up!

My question with the 2020 basketball class is how will we have room for them? We have to have some guys transfer or some unexpected guys go pro.

Transfers. Garland may never play. Gafford will be gone after next season if he has another great season. Justice Hill might play football instead of basketball. A lot of unknowns, but that is an elite class we have got to lock down.

If we get justice hill and Ikuwador that takes Garland and Gafford’s spots. Somebody will have to transfer for us to land 2 or 3 from 2020 class.

Simple. The numbers always work themselves out

The biggest news from the rankings is that Moses Moody is now a legit 5 star and as I had predicted the next McDonalds AA from Arkansas.

He is being hailed by experts as one of the smoothest guards in the nation with almost a prototype jumper. By the time Moses is ready for college ball, I am sure high school players will be able to go straight to NBA. Wonder if Moses will progress enough to go that route.

I believe last week the NBA said that it will go into effect at earliest in 2021.

Bailey graduating is one, then 2-3 transfers in a 2 year span seems likely to me.

If Arkansas were able to get commits from all these guys - and that is certainly a dream and not a given, then you would have to make some tough decisions - either with the current roster or not taking all of them.

It would be a great problem to have.

Good. I thought I had read 2020 as the year it would go into effect.

In April it looked like maybe 2020, now looks like 2021 or 2022.

Basketball Class 2020: … order/true