New hoops numbers assigned

Apparently including the walkons who I’ve never heard of.

I take it these last two are walkons?

I guess?

Sounds like we’ve landed a couple of real nice practice players. You need guys like that. I did not know that Mason Jones spent a year at link year prep.

Wrote a little bit late in the 2019-20 season about his time at Link Year Prep:

What number would you pick if had the chance?

I’ve always liked #24, not sure why. It’s not because of someone who wore it, although Willie Mays was pretty good. I liked 24 well before Griffey Jr or Kobe wore it.

I’d go with 13. Big Steve Nash fan.


So 3?

I always have liked 2. I like golf balls with a 2. Daughters always wore 2 unless they were on same team.

I thought a 1 jersey made me look chubby.

  1. In honor of the greatest PG in UA history

4 kinda because I like 4 on my golf balls. It’s a bit of a counter balance.

  1. I picked that number when I started playing in the 5th grade MANY years ago. I have no idea why I picked it. Or, it may be the coach just threw me that jersey. I wore it all threw Jr high, high school, (in Indiana), college, and in the Army.

I figured Corliss must have seen a picture of me many years earlier when he decided on #34. :laughing: It was really great that he made that number famous for all Razorback fans!

32 — because of Sidney, not OJ.

i’d have to check and make sure the number i pick isn’t retired by the New York Yankees…amazing how many numbers they have retired

I wore 23 in my years of church basketball. Of coarse that was prior to MJ. I still like that number. My great niece is a big time basketball recruit and she wears 23. I tried on that uni last year and it still fit well. My wife took a picture of me in it and we sent it to Caroline. Her dad said she got a big kick out of my knobby knees…

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I’m sure somebody has asked you this before, LD, but is Coach Neighbors recruiting your great niece?

He has been really good to our family but no offers yet. She plays for Fayetteville and plays AAU ball in the summer. Her offers includes SMU, Colorado, Houston and 23 other D1 schools. Arkansas, TN and Auburn have contacted her. Her mom was like a daughter to us, she lost her battle with cancer 2 years ago. Caroline and her sister Emily are strong young ladies. We love them. We’re proud of them being quality young ladies.

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