New hoop interests and one not so new

Just out of curiosity – what does “receiving interest” mean in this context? Does this mean we have reached out to the player directly? Obviously we are not contacting their coach if they are transferring. Any insight into this process for the transfers?

I believe once they have put their name in the transfer portal we can contact them directly.

As of today (imo) Cam Mack is light-years better than “Jelly” JQ. Don’t let that JUCO vs McDonald’s AA label fool you. Cam can easily impact the guard position like Jaylon Barford did.

Reach out by email. I would assume you could contact by phone if you have a number. Interest to me would mean you’ve received an email from a school. What happens after that is up to the kid and what interest level he has.

Gives more details here: … fer-portal

Yeah, I looked up Mack’s stats:

#3 JUCO Overall (Sy is #4) - #1 JUCO PG

19.1 PPG (46% FG, 34% 3PT, 65% FT), 5.9 RPG, 7.5 APG, 2.3 SPG, .5 BPG, 2.75 - 1 A/TO Ratio

Impressive, I like the kid

Got to imagine Mack is a big Nebraska lean considering the guy that got him to commit to St. John’s is there now.

Noticed that St. John’s just released Mack from his LOI.

Hoiberg will make Nebraska basketball something to take seriously. I read multiple places that he didn’t like recruiting, maybe it’s his assistants but someone is all over the transfer and Juco stuff same as Muss is

Matt Abdelmassih is that someone. … cbce6.html