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I enjoyed watching the new Hog Pod that dropped yesterday with Phil Elson interviewing DVH. (You can watch it if you have Hogs Plus or just listen if you don’t.) It appears to be Part 1 of a two-part Hog Pod, and they focus a lot on how Van Horn got the job at Arkansas and his early tenure here. Definitely learned some tidbits I had not heard before.

It’s easy to see that, even in his 20th season with the Hogs, he still has great passion for the job. The story he tells at the end about the Auburn series in 2019 should leave no doubt about that.

It’s a great watch/listen to get yourself ready for baseball season. 10 days to go!

This might be a good companion piece. A couple of years ago, Dave and Norm went into a lot of detail about when Dave was hired at Arkansas.

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If you want to hear this episode check it out here:

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That was so awesome! Thanks for sharing… can’t wait for the season

I listened to it, today and they played the call of The Popup without a parental advisory and I may or may not have cried.

I just listened to part 2 and wow I am so ready for the season.

DVH is an Arkansas treasure.

I think Van Horn is going to win a championship before he retires. If he does, I think it’s going to be all the more meaningful because of the one that got away — kind of like Bobby Bowden and the Wide Rights.


Where is part 2??

I listen on Hogs+

Oh okay… thanks I will listen to it when I get back from the gym.

was Great thanks for sharing

Thanks for the reminder that Part 2 is out today. Any chance to hear DVH is a must-watch (or listen).

With all the great podcasts, videos, and articles these days, it’s a full-time job as a Hog fan to keep up with it all.

I think so.

But I’ve been going to games since George Cole Field.

I took my son to the Supers and Omaha in 2018. He was 10. And the popup went up. And we went for the Father/Son “We are National Champs” hug.

Then, the ball dropped. And he kept telling me we were fine. And then he was sure that we would get them the next day.

I knew how the movie would end. It still stings. I think I have PTSD.

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I was at a watch party in Las Vegas. Rick Nomura was there too. When the ball dropped, I said to a friend that it was over. I knew we had shot our wad.

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