New Hog fan?

I’m currently staying in Wilmington NC with a woman I had dated a little during my year in the other Fayetteville, until I can find a place of my own. I was going to watch yesterday’s game on the computer in my bedroom but she invited me to dial it up on her big screen (she doesn’t have cable but fortunately my YouTube TV worked just fine).

So I got it going and watched in her living room. Scared the heck out of her cats yelling at the TV. But she sat down and watched the fourth quarter with me and was actually getting into it. She said she’s never paid attention to any football game in her life, but she was enjoying the game, and it definitely had me in a very good mood. Started trying to teach her how to call the Hogs but that’s going to take some more work.

Funny thing, though. She and I have something in common. Her late father, who was a well known actor on TV for many years, and my dad both played major college football in the 1950s (him at Cincinnati, my dad at UA). But her parents split up when she was 5 and I guess he never got a chance to expose her to the game.


Well it takes time to get use to calling the hogs! Give her plenty of practice!

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