New Hog call?

My friend Jimmy after the game last nite:

Here you go. -Marty

Video attached to original post.

A nice, normal, sober, celebration of the Hogs.:sunglasses: Absolutely loved it!

The Hog call is not broken. Don’t fix it. Except for the howling…don’t get it. And it’s way too prevalent at baseball games. Ok. Fix that part.

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Get your Hog on is cool, but i agree, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You just can’t replace the Hog call!!

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Well, my friend leading that call is an avid Tide fan dressed in hog gear (since his wife is from Silom Springs), so the true hog call is not near and dear to his heart. but he is having fun.

not tonight is he having fun. He’s decked out in Crimson.

Thanks for that bit of info. That explains it!

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