New Hires?

Well, Georgia’s game is over, so if any coaches destined for Arkansas are coming after that game, shouldn’t we hear soon, like today? Or, I suppose those new coaches may be coming from the remaining bowl games, or NFL?

I’ve heard all three, but I have no idea who it will be

Waiting on Jason Garrett to be booted from the Cowboys.

What is most puzzling to me is that they supposedly have all on-field coaches in place. Furthermore, some of the media guys say they know who these coaches are and cannot say. Even some of the posters say they have a contact who knows but they cannot say. How can so many people know and have this thing not get out? Makes me wonder if anyone knows anything.

I agree with your question

Derek LeBlanc is supposedly the DL hire.

Something to consider: The University of Arkansas has been closed since Dec. 23. It reopens today. When the university is closed, no hiring paperwork is going to be processed, and new hires are not going to announced until all of their paperwork is finalized.

The Kentucky Rivals website says Arkansas is targeting Derrick LeBlanc for the defensive line position.

Ga State RB coach Jimmy Smith has followed several Razorback fans, writers, and targets on Twitter in recent days.

I think two will be announced fairly soon. But it might not be until early next week when the last two are announced.

Matt’s point makes a lot of sense. Last thing anyone wants is for a coaches name to be leaked and then not approved. Even though most of these hires are simply a formality they still have to go through the hiring process and it is never done until it is done.

Jimmy Smith with his recruiting background in the Atlanta area makes a ton of sense to me. Young energetic coach who is just one year removed from being a high school coach in a hot bed area. I also think this staff needs another good young coach.

The hiring process is very important. Checks and balances are the rule with any good organization. I hired many, many sales people in my 34 year career but always had HR and my boss interviewing and agreeing. Jeff Long apparently had no such vetting process (as noted by CBP less qualified girlfriend hire). Long screwed up a lot of things in his tenure.
Hunter appears to be buttoned down. So far so good.

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Would rather have a well qualified staff with good chemistry over quick hires. CSP will need the right staff as he learns the ropes of being HC & managing his personnel.