New GSR scores

The GSR scores are important to the athletics departments, but can be complicated. I try to give some insight into what the scores reflect and what they mean for the Razorbacks.

“Also unlike the federal rate, GSR takes into consideration whether or not a student graduated after transferring.”

So if a transfer graduates, does that boost the GSR of the gaining school, the losing school, or both?

If it’s the losing school or both, we need to restrict or transferring-out athletes to only those institutions that aggressively stress graduating! J/K! :wink:

His/Her graduation would count toward the school they graduated from.

Sorry to pester you on this, but I did a poor job of framing my original question. What I’m really wanting to know is:

Player transfers from School A to School B, then fails to graduate. Which School’s GSR takes the hit?

If the athlete left the first school in good academic standing, its graduation or lack thereof will count toward the GSR of its second school, and the first school will not be penalized.

Regardless of academic standing, the first school the athlete attended will be negatively affected on the FGR. In the event the athlete graduates from neither school, both schools would be negatively affected in FGR.

That’s good to hear on the GSR side; not thrilled with that FGR algorithm.

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