New Four-Point Play column - A&M, LSU … efending-/

Focus is on the Hogs’ poor 3-point defense with a couple videos included. Here’s a stat I dug up: the 25 3s Arkansas gave up last week are tied for the most over a two-game stretch in more than 15 seasons. I also asked Mike today what he thought the missing links were in that regard.

Wow you did a good job diving into the details. Thank you for doing this.

You bet. What Mike said today about poor rotations and not getting third, fourth and fifth efforts is exactly what the film says. Daryl is a great scorer, but he has to take some ownership for his defense. Looked through the game notes I got today and he’s at 67 deflections this season (Mike loves tracking deflections). For context, Darious Hall has 68 despite playing half the minutes Macon does. Anton Beard and Jaylen Barford also have 109 and 113, respectively. Really need to see some defensive buy-in from Daryl.

I know deflections don’t tell the whole story, but it can give you an idea how active and engaged a guy is.