New formula

Gotta give Mike credit here. He has adapted to what works for this team, some of which is not his style. I’m amazed. Two weeks ago I thought we would still be running the same old stuff that was getting us killed.

He’s got them taking the open three - took 29 tonight. Early if open. I’m sure we will have an off night shooting at some point, but that happens.
He’s gone to a matchup aggressive zone. It’s working rebounding is much better out of this defense and three point defense has improved as well.
He’s gone away from feeding the post with Moses back to the basket. More dribble drive and kick or get to the rim. He’s ignoring the - we need a point guard feed the paint crowd and it’s working.
Thompson as the four or five with Moses is helping with the boards and the offense with his passing.

I’m impressed with adjustment hope he keeps it up.

We made 12 of those 29 threes today (even with Dusty going 1 for 6). That’s equal to making 18 of 29 shots from inside the arc. Darn right you keep shooting it. NBA teams are figuring out that an open three is a much better shot than a contested two in the paint. Maybe we’re coming to the same conclusion.

On the season we’re at 38% from three – equal to 57% on twos. Again, if they give you open looks, take them. We have people who can knock them down. Even Barford’s percentage is on the rise after 2 for 4 today. Beard is over 40%.

I would think teams will start getting in Macon’s grill more. Maybe that will open things up more for Dusty.

We actually have several whom can knock the 3 down. Heck Mosses is 7 of 14 for the season. We do need to take more 3’s. It should help open Dusty up some but we pose a problem for OU opponents if we take the 3 that is we actually can put 2 to 3 players on the floor at a time that have the ability to shoot lights out from 3.
Bardford is just an animal and can score at will, Dusty can put the 3 down or go to the mid range or the hole, Macon the same, you already noted Beard is above 40% and Manny has range from 3 but he does not look for his shot much at all. Trey has a good shot when he decides to let it fly.
This team can score all they need to do is put them up and play good defense. That was how Vandy beat us at home and how they Beat South Carolina tonight. Vandy can also knock down the free throws.