New faculty athletic rep

The University of Arkansas has named Gerald Jordan its faculty athletic representative. He replaces Sharon Hunt, who had held the position for some time. Only two others, Al Witte and Howard Brill, have ever held the position.

Jordan is a journalism professor at the UA, and full disclosure is a mentor of mine and Jimmy. He is one of the finest men on campus. … aa-and-sec

Is he a hog fan?

Not sure what this question is about. I don’t think you agree to take on faculty athletic rep if you aren’t deeply interested in athletics. Plus he’s an alum.

Al Witte was the faculty rep when I was in school. I saw him around the Broyles Center pretty frequently. He wasn’t an alum, but he was someone JFB and the athletes could depend on.

He was one of my professors. Great guy.

Also one of my professors. He told some amazing, totally inappropriate stories in front of a big lecture class. Hilarious.

What I meant for Matt, who knows him, is that not all on the academic side are supportive of athletics or may not have a background in hog sports, etc. Not all faculty reps always have athletics in their heart. Have personally seen where the faculty rep was a plant from a meddling chancellor…so just wanted to know if he appreciated athletics.

Yes, he is a big sports fan. He is a former sportswriter at the Kansas City Star. You can often see him sitting behind the Arkansas bench at the basketball games.

My absolute favorite professor at the UA. Love him. He still gets a few of the big papers delivered from across the nation and will clip out stories he thinks I’ll like and send them to me. He’s pumped about getting to do this.

Gerald is a great choice.

Forever and ever, the faculty rep at most schools was a law professor. Then, athletic departments expanded that someone with business law was in the administration. Al Witte was a faculty rep who had great influence in the goings on at Arkansas. Frank Broyles leaned on him. I do not know if the faculty rep at Arkansas – or any place – has so much influence any more.