New facility to be named after Norm DeBriyn

He basically started the program, so it is well deserved.

Former Student-Athletes make gifts to honor Coach Norm DeBriyn

He earned everything he gets. A great man and baseball coach.

I think Norm deserves more than a lobby. I would be on board with Norm DeBriyn Field at Baum-Walker Stadium. George Cole was a great name in Razorback history but he’s had his due for almost 40 years.

Not a fan of removing one legend’s name to replace it with another. I wouldn’t mind adding Norm’s name to the field say, “Cole-DeBriyn” field or something like that. I agree Norm’s name needs to be on more than just the concourse, though.

I think you can only name so many things after so many people, and the trend now is to name facilities after philanthropists. That’s how they get funded.

Norm’s name is all over the stadium - on the concourse, soon to be in the museum and on the street that runs outside, not to mention all of the other displays and signs that mention him. I doubt he is upset due to lack of recognition.

To clarify, the new facility is not going to be named after DeBriyn, just the lobby. The facility is going to be named after J.B. and Johnelle Hunt.