New experience at Kyle Field

I’m kinda weird about airplane trips now. And, there wasn’t a good way to get from Norfork to College Station by plane. So I drove my truck. My fishing truck.

It’s a new truck with a camper shell and a rack with a rod vault for my fly rods on top.

All good for the first leg of the trip, an easy 7-hour cruise to Palestine. I did not stop and see Fuzzy at Marshall. I regret that, but alas stuff happens.

The Aggies have moved the media parking lot since the last time I was here. It’s actually adjacent to the new east stands (instead of five blocks away from the west stands the last time).

I was about to enter the parking garage, excited that I had a 10-yard walk to the media elevator, when I noticed that it was low clearance. The attendant said I’d have to “take my rod vault off my truck” to enter. Of course, I can’t do that.

They called for some advice and I was told that I could use my “D Garage” permit at the General Science Center on Agronomy Lane. Google it, I was told. So I did. It was five miles away.

No problem, there are shuttle buses running from there to the stadium to carry “essential workers.”

That was a nice bus ride. I was on board with five first responders working the game. It was a slow trip to the stadium, though. When we pulled out onto Agronomy Lane, we were behind the cadet cavalry escorting the cannon to the stadium. Fifty of them, all on horse back. We moved along at 4 mph (according to the driver) all the way to the stadium.

I did put a pin drop in my phone to mark the location of my truck. Yes, I know how to do a pin drop, because it comes in handy to mark fishing locations on lakes.

I was told the bus shuttles run until 2 a.m. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. If they don’t, I’ll get Uber to give me a lift.

When I got out of the shuttle van, they reminded me not to walk on the grass in front of the stadium. I wouldn’t dare.

Welcome (back) to Aggieland!

I’m impressed you knew how to do the pin drop.

Safe travels home. Hope you’re smiling big time.

Curious about Paul Harvey’s “the rest of the story!”

I got a ride to my truck with Tom Murphy. My pin drop truck worked. We let turn by turn navigation guide us to my truck. Success.

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