New Era of FB In Arkansas

When I say Arkansas FB, I mean the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University Football. For years AD Broyles wouldn’t hear of a Hog vs Arkansas State FB Game. Along comes Jeff Long and from what I understand, Broyles insisted Long not consider a U of A, and ASU FB game.
Now there is no reason these two teams cannot schedule a yearly game.
Arkansas each year has scheduled 3 cupcake teams and this year, paid those 3 teams 3.5 million dollars to come to AR and lose. Now those three teams have no intention of losing when they come here (as East Carolina proved this year).
The years old argument of not scheduling the Hog’s and now the ASU Red Wolves, because it would dilute the State’s FB Fan base, doesn’t hold water anymore. Maybe in years past when travel in the State wasn’t as easy as it is now, but no more. AR has a population of over 3 million people, the same as Oregon does. Oregon State and the U of Oregon sit just 40 miles apart. If ever a State would have a diluted FB Fan Base, it would be Oregon. A Fan has to first make a donation to their school, just to be able to buy a ticket for this game. Standing room only for this game, every year.
Now Consider just a few of the instate rivalries around us, MS vs MS State, OK vs OK State, Texas vs Texas State.
Pay 2 Cupcake teams if you must, but add the ASU Red Wolves into the yearly schedule ( hack pay the Red Wolves as the 3rd Team ) But don’t call them a Cupcake. They sure aren’t.
If the U of A won’t do this and use the age old excuse of " because that’s the way it’s been ", isn’t an excuse anymore. It’s a cop out. Give the Arkansas FB Fans of these two great schools the game they have been begging for. I guarantee a standing room only sellout of any stadium in AR this game would be scheduled for.

There is still no reason to play the Red Pups. In anything. Don’t care who the AD is, who the coach is. We’re not here to throw a lifeline to the ASU program. Let them take their rent-a-win whippings somewhere else.

Will not happen. We won’t and don’t need to schedule a game with Arkansas State. Nothing good comes from that.

If they were to step it up to the same level as the Hogs, then it makes sense. We’d have to play them, but not while they are in the Sunbelt Conference.

It’s a lose lose for the UA. Broyles was in no position to “insist” Long did anything. Long might have been persuaded by Broyles why we needed not to play an in-state team, but that’s because Broyles was right, not because he “insisted.”

I don’t see a reason for Arkansas to play the game as there is nothing to gain, but I suspect it will be played sooner rather than later.

Sorry, but you just wrong. Nothing but downside for the Razorbacks and nothing but upside for ASU.

Besides that, it was JFB’s policy to begin with and his Good Ol’ Boy network is making a comeback and is part of the reason JL was fired. This is less likely to happen as that group takes back some control.

Why Is It when THE HOGS aren’t very good we hear about playing Ark. State . When the Hogs are Good we never hear anything about it.

A lot of people are talking about the GOBN coming back what is the matter with that if it does. We were very successful in All sports when they were around. We Won A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in Basketball ,Won Around 40 national championships in Track,Won 3 SEC Western Division Championships in Football, Baseball was very successful during that period also.

I could see them beating us two times in the past 10 seasons 2013 and 2017 and not real sure about this year, they really are not worth the trouble, let them make their money the same way other sun belt schools do just not off the UofA.

I think a UA-ASU game will be played within the next five years, probably in LR. Personally I think it is about time. It would be an instant sellout, good for the state. We really don’t have much to lose. We aren’t going to lose recruits to them.

Let’s lose the fear and move out of the 1950’s. We are the only state with this backwards policy.

Governor wants u of a to play at war memorial stadium. This will probably end up being the game so the state doesn’t have to subsidize the stadium.

We played two sun belt teams this year anyway so not playing them is just petty at this point.

Their former hc is candidate for our job and the present coach is gonna get some merit too

LSU almost never plays an instate school, and when they do it’s a one time game at Tiger Stadium. Missouri almost never plays Missouri St., Nebraska doesn’t do it, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio St. don’t play in state teams. So no, we’re not the only state with that policy. I have people tell me "it would be just like Ole Miss and Mississippi St. or Alabama vs Auburn. What it would be is like LSU vs Louisiana Tech. I’m much more excited about playing Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, or A&M than playing Arkansas St. If we play them then we need to play UCA and UAPB. Wouldn’t be fair to the other instate teams. Play one each year in Fayetteville, give them the same type money we pay Texas St. or Coastal Carolina.

“I think a UA-ASU game will be played within the next five years, probably in LR. Personally I think it is about time. It would be an instant sellout, good for the state. We really don’t have much to lose. We aren’t going to lose recruits to them.”

We have a lot to lose from ever playing Arkansas State, as for the “Instant Sellout” you have reading too much Wally Hall. ASU can’t sell tickets to fill up their current stadium and if we charge the $45 - $50 standard price they sure won’t pay that and a lot of UA Fans won’t buy the ticket unless they are forced to in their season ticket packet.

The only reason playing ASU would make any sense, is financial. If the game were to be played, let’s assume UA would not be paying ASU anything. So instead of paying close to 1 million each year for a game, the cost becomes zero. The game would be played each year at War Memorial, because UA is never going to play in Jonesboro.

Saving the money is the only reason to play ASU.

Actually, the policy long predates JFB. Last time we played an in-state team was 1944, when we beat what is now UAM 41-0. Frank got here 14 years later.

JFB inherited the policy, he didn’t create it. The last football game against an in-state team was a 41-0 win over what is now UAM at the end of the 1944 season. Broyles didn’t get here for another 14 years and didn’t become AD until 1974.

Missouri played Missouri St. this year

Ohio State frequently plays instate teams - several games in last 10 years

No other 1-A teams in Nebraska, Minnesota or Wisconsin

LSU has played ULL ULM and La Tech in the last ten years.

Again, not advocating for Ark to play ASU but several of your pints are not correct.

I am opposed to playing ASU, but I can assure you that they hate UofA so bad that if the game were played, it would be a sell out.

It would be the first sellout Arkansas state would have ever seen As good as they draw at Jonesboro

LSU plays a lot of in-state schools. It has had games against ULM, Lafayette, Tulane, McNeese State and Northwestern State in the last 10 years. It has Southeastern Louisiana and Louisiana Tech scheduled next year, and other future games against Northwestern State and Nicholls State.

The same goes for Ohio State. It has played Youngstown State, Ohio, Toledo, Akron, Miami, Kent State, Cincinnati and Bowling Green at least once in the last 10 years. Sometimes it plays two in-state teams each year.

Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin are the only FBS or FCS schools in their states, so there is no one else for them to play.