New email from Hunter Yurachek

Hit my mailbox this afternoon. Among its topics:

The initiative of scheduling UAPB and UALR in baseball has the approval of Joe Steinmetz, and expanding it to other sports is under consideration (it occurs to me that UA vs. UALR in women’s hoops would be very interesting). There are no plans to expand in-state scheduling beyond members of the UA System. In other words, Jonesboro Tech can still go pound sand.

Still pushing the One Hog Call thing tomorrow at 1 p.m. I might stand up and do it here at home. If I’m awake by then.

His administration wants to emphasize and improve the fan experience. As such, they have made suggestions to optimize the fan experience at RRS here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … xperience/”></LINK_TEXT>

Of course they’re still trying to sell more tickets for Saturday and beyond, and hoping that those tickets actually get used.

And on the facilities front, in addition to the new baseball clubhouse we’re expecting, they also plan improvements at Tyson Track which will benefit both athletes and fans, and a brand new Track Operations Center at McDonnell Field.

First step.

Not directly related, but my thoughts on scheduling in-state:

DVH is in a special circumstance. Absent something really weird like a hurricane or blizzard, football and basketball games don’t get cancelled. Baseball does, all the time, and DVH needs all the flexibility he can get to adapt on the fly. Being able to play UALR and UAPB midweek allows him to make up some games we would have lost previously. Lost one with Texas Tech this season; could have made that up with the Lions or the Trojans later.

I think if there had been a previous coach who really wanted to play in-state, it might have happened sooner. Not necessarily in football, but maybe hoops. World didn’t come to an end when we played ASU in the NIT, although that game could have gotten Nolan fired, and who knows if we would have had three subsequent Final Fours and a NC in the next eight years if the Indians had held on to that big lead.

Hadn’t really thought of keeping it within the UA system as opposed to keeping it in state, but it does make some sense. It’s not going to be a big financial windfall for either school in baseball (I would like to know what our guarantees are for visiting NC teams at Baum, though), but really since Mike Newell left, UALR has dropped any pretensions of becoming “Arkansas’ team”, and UAPB never had any. Which is exactly what the Pink Puppy partisans, all 500 of them, want – to become Arkansas’ team.

Long term I believe it is related to playing ASU. Probably won’t be anytime soon, but down the road.

Guess we’ll see.

I am not paying attention until they schedule UAPB in Football. They will schedule basketball, soccer, etc. Let’s be clear that the worry about scheduling in-state schools is losing fan base and recruits in football. They care much less, if any, if we lose fans and recruits in other sports.

I;m afraid you’re right. I could live with limiting intrastate competion to baseball & softball with only the schools within the UA system, but I know the “sports fans” of Arkansas will push until the “two major state teams” play each other in football.