New drinking game

You have to take a swig every time there is a call in the UNC-UK game that Arkansas wouldn’t get against either team. UNC had 10 fouls called against them that resulted in 11 FTAs in the first half. That’s more than a game’s worth against us. It’s good to be Kentucky.

The late offensive foul against NC on a play that was much less obvious than the same guy’s walk/charge non-call against us would probably be worth draining the bottle.

I kind of chuckled when Adebayo got called for over the back. How often has UK just crawled over us for ORebs the last few years?

Yeah, I agree, but honestly Meeks should have fouled out our game and KY’s game. I haven’t seen that kid not commit an over the back on any rebound yet. Yesterday, it was obvious the ACC needed a representative in the FF.

There was a good bit said at national level about NC game vs AR on bad officiating. I wonder if NCCA pays any attention to any of that? to perhaps tell the officials they must call a balanced game in term of fouls. Or is this part of a crocked system? do it, let the media spin it and business as usual.