New DL Coach John Scott Jr.

After doing some digging.

He’s recruited Atlanta and all of Georgia in the past.

He’s also recruited the Carolinas too.

Arkansas has always recruited Ga in the past and one can expect him to be in that area for the Hogs.

He has a reputation for being a strong recruiter.

He has a reputation of being a strong recruiter? I’m not saying he doesn’t but can you share how you got that info and how said that. What information from his recruiting past has indicated that?

Yeah, come on RD, enlighten us on this guy.

What a very good source told me. Time will tell.

Trump’s typical response?

I’ll take that. Trump=Win=White House.

Bank it.

I know very little about Scott, but what I do know about him I like. He’s a young black coach who’s worked with the 3-4 defense in a Power 5 conference and in the NFL. He’s recruited in Atlanta and in the South. I’m certainly willing to give him a chance to prove to us that he was a good hire.