New details from Murder U

How Jamae Harris wound up dead and a Bama basketball player wound up charged with her murder. And a really tragic eight minutes

Terrible tragedy. Bad decisions made by all parties. Former Bama player will face the consequences of his actions. They’re all everything should as well. But he and Oats will get what’s coming to them sooner or later.

I hope it’s sooner not later

The key in determining Miller’s role is did he read the text “bring me my gun”. Whether someone opens a text is easily determined. I am certain prosecutors know.

I have never, for one second, felt that Miller should be prosecuted. he is innocent until proven guilty. My problem all along has been that if you can be suspended for cutting class, or being late to practice, or anything at all really, how could Murder U. not suspend him at all?

Worst of all is the way Bama as an institution has handled this. And Oates? Give me a break. Win. At. All. Costs.

I remain disgusted. The fact that the family says Alabama has done very little in terms of gestures towards their family says EVERYTHING.


Karma has been eyeing the situation… no NC for the Cold Case team.

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Initially I felt he should have been suspended the day after the incident for undisclosed team rule violation as is always done. But as more details have come out, I changed my mind. As Jay Bilas said there has to be a reason to suspend him. What would be the reason?

You are right that whether he read the text or not is important, But even if he did, what is more important is whether he knew what was going to happen if he arrived to pick up Miles as planned. My guess is it cannot be proven that he knew, otherwise I bet he would have been charged,

This story rightfully focuses on the victim, shooter Davis, Miles and their families, and not Miller.k

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This is the correct position PJ. There have been lots of rushes to judgment here, mostly by trying to apply way-too-simple views to a highly complex factual and legal situation. Fortunately our justice system has rules that curb prosecution based on simple standards or proof. And I don’t see any reason to suspend the kid either. Maybe one will come out, but I kind of doubt it.

I think what bama and the coach should do is totally unrelated to a legal prosecution or any rush to judgment related to the legal ramifications. We have a legal system for that.

Where the player was, the circumstances and the jeopardy that he put himself in and possibly other related to the team etc. is what should be addressed.

If players want to be supported through name and image and contribute to the teams level of function (e.g show up in time, take care of your body, don’t create massive distractions that wash over on the team and their perception - e.g being labeled “murder u”, then suspensions etc are in play and having zero to do with the legal guilty/not guilty stuff.


No one from Bama has reached out to Harris mom, son or family to give their condolences. None. The narrative is about the guy that was frisked down on national TV with zero empathy for a dead mother. Every step of this horrible situation Bama brass has mishandled the tragedy beginning with Oats horrible presser. They deserve their rightful place as the most hated program in college sports. They earned it.


Yes, suspensions don’t need a legal ruling, but still there has to be legit reason to suspend someone. Suspending Miller for Murder U labeling by some social media posters, you have to link Miller to the murder. Can’t do that based on the details in the story, which is more detailed than anything I have read so far,

On Wednesday, the University allowed Miller to comment on this and he said all the right things about the family. But to my knowledge, the University still hasn’t said or reached out to the family. I don’t get that. Seems like PR 101. Just bad bad optics there.

Very bad all the way around. Hearing Ms. Harris mom tell about breaking the news to the child was plain heartbreaking. Having watched a good friend wheeled away with 4 gunshots and helping a 19 year old mom that had been pistol whipped by the same gunman…It hits a nerve with me.

A legitimate reason for Miller’s suspension was pretty clear at the time. He was the known transporter of a weapon used to shoot another person. That was not in dispute.

Until all the circumstances surrounding the incident unknow the morning following the shooting he goes on shelf for being rightly or wrongly involved in a loss of life.

It is a teaching lesson - a human life is more important than a basketball game. The lesson he came away with is pretty clear - he is talented sports figure and therefore will not be held accountable for stupidity in judgement going forward.

Perhaps he is a good kid and understood the value of human life before was recruited to play basketball for Oats at Bama…he certainly did not take that away from the actions of Oats, the AD, or the University’s President. Avoidance of responsibility and coverups should not be on the table as the best examples of learning experiences of any student.

Not a single new fact uncovered in this “reporting” A 4 year old could have wrote a better report with a box of crayons. Not even an attempt to provide a single first hand account from a witness interview. What a joke espn.

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Dogen I agree. I read the entire piece expecting some new info and still haven’t found any. It was just a repeat of previously released info.

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One thing that’s bugged me about the “did he read the text” line of thinking is text preview. I have plenty of “unread” messages that I’ve read because they popped up on my lock screen and were short enough to read without unlocking my phone.

At the end of the day, it appears Miller isn’t legally culpable but he certainly was involved, wittingly or not.


He brought the gun to his friend in his car. What the hell did he think they were going to do with it. He should of been suspended by the university the next day.


I’ve tried to follow Miller’s presence during the event and can’t quite do it. He’s driving the car, pulls up behind the Houndstooth in that narrow street (Grace); I suppose he’s still behind the wheel when the other guy reaches in to get the gun. The guy walks away–and the rest of his steps/journey to the point of shooting are hard to follow–returns and starts shooting. Where’s Miller at that point? What’s his reaction? The shooter get back into his car and they do what? Or does he run?


Good questions Fred. We’ll never know.

Clearly, that’s the University’s legal counsel’s decision. Just trying to eliminate the possibility of a University spokesman saying something that would hurt the school in the nearly certain civil suit that will be filed against them, Miles, and Miller.

Personally, I hope Bama gets a multi million dollar suit filed against them and they face a jury full of Auburn fans.