New DC.... who will it be?

Thought I’d put this out so we have one thread capturing the rumors.

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Sam usually likes to hire people he’s familiar with.

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Have questioned whether we focus on a potential future HC for Arkansas that CSP could groom into his eventual replacement as HC & with some focus on their regional background that would enhance our recruiting. Thought that HC potential was a consideration with Briles & Odom.

Expect that CSP is well networked such that he knows enough good DC candidates to recruit.

Maybe Barry kills it at UNLV and comes back when Sam calls it a day?

Sweet fancy Moses…. The guy who went 25-25 at Mizzou?

Rather have Jamey Chadwell

That would not surprise me. If he can get them to a bowl eligible level, he will have options. I really believe Odom was instrumental in helping Sam Pittman, as a friend and coach, get our football program off the trash heap.


He took over a program with the NCAA issues. Not idea.

The AD that fired him wasn’t the guy that hired him.

13-19 in the SEC

Year 1: 2-6
Year 2: 4-4
Year 3: 4-4
Year 4: 3-5

I mean, if anyone is questioning where this program is at, the idea that Barry Odom would be a viable HC option should answer that right quick.

A lot of SEC coaches go .500 in the SEC or 3-5. He took over a program in trouble. Drink went 5-5 in the all SEC schedule in 2020. Possible 9 win season under regular circumstances. Barry’s players.

We have no idea how the fifth season would’ve gone with Barry but Drink has gone 6-7 and 6-6 the past two seasons. Barry won 8 and 7 under the NCAA cloud.

To write him off is a little premature. Like I said he wins big at UNLV, he’s more attractive. If not, no.

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What are realistic expectations for Mizzou? And didn’t he have a minor mutiny going on over some petty incident at the school?

Nick Saban :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::smiling_face_with_tear::rofl:

And are they then viewed as options at other SEC programs?

You’d have to ask a Mizzou fan, but it’s becoming obvious that the UA’s expectations are now pretty low.

I see a lot of people giving our season a C- or D, but in the same breath think a career 13-19 SEC Coach might be an option for our program. Seems kinda odd to me

I said my part. What Barry does at UNLV will determine if he’s an option or not.

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It will be somebody that can bring some bodies with him.

I agree. Barry is betting on himself to get back to a hc position in a bigger conference. I hope he does well there.

How Sam does next 2-3 years will determine who we can hire if/when he retires.

Yeah that just seems bizarre to me that we would consider a guy with a 25-25 overall record at Mizzou and a 13-19 SEC record before getting fired. I mean, I’ve got next to zero expectations for this program as we are in the bottom third of the SEC, but hiring someone with the above pedigree sure seems like a way to stay there.

Charlie Strong?

@hog2009 Zero expectations? You quitter…… :wink: :joy: