New Court?

In volley ball everyone is standing in the center, covering up our logo, which is why it’s on the ends, would be my guess. Our identity is not the state of Arkansas. It is the razorback. And that needs to be as big and visible as possible for basketball, which is smack dab in the middle of the court.

If it were up to the fans/donors across this great state, the slobber hog would be back. #Endthecurse.

Maybe Gas or someone with skills should design something for BWA and send it to Muss and our AD. Slobberhog included of course :pig2::boar::pig:

Sometimes I just wonder who comes up with this stuff? Who thought it would be a good idea? I can see the state of Arkansas with a Razorback over it but this? Ugh!

Bring back the Slobber Hawg for our basketball court!

The only thing I want at the center of our basketball court is a running hog.