New Court?

Volleyball is getting a new court with the state of Arkansas at the center. What do y’all think if they did something similar at BWA?

That is UGLY … and what are those red things on either end? Are they the red wolf logos (aka the front facing hog)?

looks like a small high school that the local bank made a donation to for its logo to be on the court…not a D1 program

:smiley: red wolf logo…I almost spewed my coffee all over me.

I highly dislike the front facing hog…

Bad design. Looks like a Junior High art student did it.

That’s bad. Really bad. They need to sand it and start over asap. And someone needs to get them a picture of a Razorback.

Any new court at BWA better have slobber hog in the center. End the curse!

Marty, looking closely at those logos on either end, they look like paper taped down while they paint the logo inside, similar to painter’s tape when you’re painting baseboards or window sills. I think it’s a regular running hog, not FFH, but it’s running from sideline to sideline, not endline to endline (or whatever they call that in volleyball).

I saw it today. It’s the stencil or whatever you would call it.

Looks good up close.

That’s the word I couldn’t think of.

If it’s a running hog, fine and that’s better. But the court is still ugly.

Looks great, some of you have no taste.

I wouldn’t mind an outline of Arkansas under Slobber Hog at center court of BWA.


Big ass slobbering Razorback has my vote!


That white state outline that the program uses might work like that.

For those wondering, I saw the court on Thursday and there are no front facing hogs anywhere on it.

:lol: Thanks Seth.

Yeah, it’s going to be the running Razorback. I think everyone will like them.

They need me up there bad. Just awful.

Gas, there are lots of places that need you. It goes without saying that you are in a place already that needs you. The way you minister those in need makes where you are important. Just remember that. I know what you do and how you do it. I know how you arrived with others when the tornado hit Vilonia. I know that you are always looking for a place that needs you right there at home. Stay there and keep making a difference.

Well, that was really nice, I appreciate it. I can still design a mean court though. :smiley: