New contract for Muss?

When do we back up the dump truck full of cash and secure Muss for as long as he wants to be here?


I hope they visit the contract issue and get him a little above market value! He is in my opinion the best coach in the SEC.


I think he’s the best coach in America.


Back the Brinks truck up to his front door!


I trust that HY will be proactive and take care of him. Hopefully at least because he certainly deserves to be paid market value or slightly above. With the way salaries continue to increase, Muss sits just outside the top 10 now, and he’s behind Cal (8.6), Pearl (5.4) and Barnes (5.2) in the SEC and is tied with Buzz (4.0).

Taking this into consideration along with his back-to-back Elite 8 appearances and 2nd ranked recruiting class, I have to believe his market value is at least somewhere in the mid 5’s, with a hefty renewed buyout.

Of course this is all easy for me to say because it’s not my money :laughing: But I sincerely hope we pay it before someone else does.


According to USA Today, our tournament run this year triggered bonuses, a $100,000 raise and a one year contract extension

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Everyone needs to be ready to up donation to RF. That’s where the money comes from

Tickets will be more expensive.

Along with everything else, welcome to The New World Order.
Hey, brother, can you spare a gallon of gas.

What a warped world view…

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the world is warped!! ain’t no denying that!!

Can’t think of a coach that is doing more than Muss right now, however I’m not a supporter of a lifetime contract. Give him a raise and show our support & appreciation, with incentives that reflect his achievements. WPS


muss has certainly earned a hefty raise. No telling how much our ticket revenue increased from the success he’s generated. Bet donations are up, too. I don’t know how much additional revenue we get from Elite 8 appearances.

Conferences get revenue shares from the NCAA based on how many teams they get and how deep they go, up until the Elite Eight. Each share is worth about $2 million. So with six SEC teams, we got six shares. SEC teams won five games in the tournament (three for us, one for EOE-K and the Bagmen). That’s five more shares. So the SEC will divvy up $22 million from this year’s tournament. Divided by 14 teams, that’s $1.6 million per school. We don’t benefit any more by going deep other than getting our portion of that $2 million, and the fact that Duke beat us only gives the ACC another $2 million (and they won’t get any more for advancing to the NCG, nor will UNC).

I found an article that since the Pac-12 did much worse in this year’s tournament than it did last year, which Molester State and USC went deep and UCLA was in the Final Four, they’ll lose a bunch of money. They got 7 shares this year compared to 19 shares last year, so that cost the Left Coast 12 about $24.5 million.

The ACC and Big Ten will each get $36 million from this year’s Dance, the Orphan 8 will get $34 million, the Big East will get $26 million, then us.

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