New college hoops salary database is out

Mike Anderson is 39th on this list, which places him ninth among SEC coaches.

From USA Today: … all/coach/

Wait, so Mike Anderson is not being paid top 25 money?

I think Mike was top 10 (maybe 15) nationally when he was hired here, and he has received some raises. I don’t think how much you pay your coach is necessarily a precursor to success, but I do find how far he has fallen in the national ranking to he highly telling. It shows how much other teams, including in the SEC, have invested in basketball in the last six or seven years. Georgia and Alabama are paying top 20 money for basketball coaches.

What’s our average RPI in the past 7+ years?

I bet it isn’t better than 39.

Doesn’t deserve it either

Not top 25?

Frank Martin coach of South Carolina at 22nd making $2,950,000, Mike is making $2,550,000.

#39 and ninth among SEC coaches, but #40 Will Wade, # 41 Kermit Davis, #42 Billy Kennedy are all within $100,000 of MA.
And we all know Wade is all but gone and LSU will have to spend big to replace. Billy Kennedy may survive another year, but A&M will spend big to replace him when it happens. And I have to believe that Kermit Davis will see a healthy raise if he can sustain any of his success. Very interesting.

22 to 42, whopping 15% difference. :sunglasses:


I think there are two reasons for that.

One, just like in any business when you hire a coach from another school, he gets a significant bump. So by definition new hires are making more than their peers at a comparable level. And we know there continue to be a lot of new hires and Mike has been at the same school since he was hired here.

Second, Mike hasn’t had a banner season here to get a significant bump.

I don’t think Mike is worried about this until he has that banner season.

Arkansas tied for 9th in the SEC with Alabama, so I guess we are getting what we paid for.

That is very interesting. There are times when a “ranking” can give a false impression. #23 is $2,850,000. # 50 is $2,200,000 Don’t get me wrong, I am sure #50 would like to make an extra $650,000 a year, (22% by my math) but at that money, it isn’t the the difference of $60,000 vs. $47,000 for your average Joe. I don’t think you can say that the school #23 is “more committed” to basketball" than school #50.


Interesting: I guess former football coach BB deserved 14 million pay out, just think he never had a winning conference season period!

Check my post history on my BB thoughts if you actually care. I doubt you do and can’t blame you.

Wow…when I read Scotties subject I thought he was posting about players…


Whether he deserves it or not, it sure puts the “He get’s paid top 25 money” thingy to rest.

BTW- The Terry guy is “Bygcountry” I asked cfbaseball to post and ask him if he wanted his team or not

And last year and year before we got more than what we paid for, right? The average for his tenure is between 5 and 6. So, conclusion is that overall we are getting more than what we paid for. We should all sleep better.

to see how the ranking would change with Cost of Living factored in. 2.5 million in Fayetteville, Arkansas goes a lot further than some other parts of the country.


You make that kind of money, you can live anywhere, Manhattan NY or Manhattan KS, very nicely. What IMO makes more difference is state taxation. Texas, Florida and Tennessee don’t have state income tax, so Billy Kennedy, Rick Barnes and Mike White get to keep more of theirs than MA or Will Wade or Avery Johnson.