New Coaches, Recruiting, and Opinions

First opinions are just that opinions. Some opinions are based on facts and their analysis. Some opinions are based on experience. Some opinions are based on both facts and experience. Some opinions are just based on whatever is in the mind of the person making the opinion. No facts nor experiences. But as opposed to hard facts, opinions are what one person thinks. These coaches are new and therefore I am not going to form an opinion on their recruiting ability for a year or two or three. I am not really going to count this year due to the late start and the new early signing date. So far, I like the hire. It is like a breath of fresh air. Now, that is my opinion based on very little facts as such, but over 65 years of following Hog football and coaching changes. You can have your opinion too. Also, it has been my observation, that opinions are also shaped by peoples’ personality. Positive people generally see things positively therefore positive opinions. The opposite for negative people. Now, being generally a positive person, I have positive opinions unless facts tell me other wise or my experiences tell me differently. Have a good day and a Happy New year.

I think this is the predominant feeling for Hog fans - a ‘breath of fresh air’ as you put it. The program was spiraling downward with no relief in sight - so this reset had to happen!

Well put Doc…I agree on all points.
Happy New Year!

I have never understood how some little negative detail trumps all the positive details on any and all subjects. Where is that etched onto a stone tablet and handed down on a mountain? But, that seems to be the accepted norm in many folks’ minds. So it is easier to come up with a negative point than it is to take a positive position and defend it. The fact that it is easier to tear things down than to lift them up and that proving something “ain’t so great” makes many people feel better about their own “ain’t so greatness” just adds fuel to that fire. Have you noticed that there are a lot of posters that have nothing to say until they can attack? Who never come onto the board until they can clamor for someone to be fired? I firmly believe there is a segment of the fan base that enjoyed running Houston Nutt off and can’t wait to do it again as soon as possible. JMVVVVVVHO & a Happy New Year to everyone!