New Coach

Through this whole deal, Pitman’s name was always in the background. It appealed or perhaps interested me for several reasons. This guy has been around and knows football and the LOS for sure. He is extremely well respected by his peers. I suspect we are going to see a physical team even next year (can’t do much about being too slow for SEC and that is a killer). I think this guy will be no nonsense, blue collar, go to work and get it done type. I like that (I think Club Dub is gone).

I like everybody it seems is concerned about no head coaching experience. We will see. He certainly knows what it takes in the SEC. That will not be a surprise to him.

No mater what, he is now our coach and we must get behind him and we cannot jump all over him when it goes bad next season. He has so little talent with which to work, esp on the LOS it is just going to take time. We just have to accept that.

I suspect even with our very limited ability in the Oline, the days of defenses picking up our Olinemen and throwing them into our ball carriers is history. They will get beat for certain, but not that badly.

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One concern is that recruits & players read these posts here & on other social media. When they read the damaging & negative attacks by posters about the football & other sports programs, we damage our own recruiting & undercut the support for what these coaches are trying to build.

The football rebuild process will take some time and hope the fan base shows support, patience, and restraint in its criticism of coaching decisions, players, & recruits.