New coach

i want a coach that is willing to take on the challenges that the program is in now;what it has been recently;and understands the history of when we were great.a coach who has the connections to maintain good assistants whenever one moves on.a coach who knows what he is going to face week in and week out and has the grit and humility to learn from other coaches if needed.a coach who can recruit nationally if need be but understands you need Arkansas;Texas;Oklahoma;Louisiana kids(and others) to field a competitive team/roster with the other SEC schools.a coach that places a great value on the education that the young men are there for and listens and welcomes the past players with open arms.i don’t care if he doesn’t want to do a weekly show(although probably required)as long as he’s already planning for the next opponent.i’m sick and tired of being irrelevant.i’ll be 64 in January and would like to see the Razorbacks respected by the national media again instead of being someone’s else highlights on the recaps.hopefully…there’ll be good news by Dec.1st…

Sounds like you are describing Barry Lunney.

Please NO

Highly unlikely we’ll have a new coach by Dec. 1. Morris and Bielema were hired IIRC Dec. 6th and 4th respectively. That’s a more likely timetable. What the three week head start does is gives HY time to focus his list, find out from intermediaries who is actually interested, and then hit the ground running once the regular season (for most) ends this weekend.