New Coach

If Gus is whose eggs are filling our basket, it seems we are set up for scrambled eggs. I suspect it won 't be hard for many of us to embrace the new Coach, regardless of the choice, or at least I hope so. It just seems that with early signing upon us, Auburn’s success will be to our detriment. It appears that if rumor be accurate, then we all should be Tide fans today. I would hope we can hire Gus or move on within the next week or so, or we could be in panic mode. Auburn looks to be a big hurdle for both the Tide and our search.

I was planning to root for Auburn because I thought a win would mean Auburn would enforce the buyout and fight to keep him. I prefer another coach to Gus.

That being said, I now think Gus is either coming now or later so, I agree, it needs to happen ASAP for a whole host of reasons.

Reluctantly …Roll Tide.

I feel fairly certain the only thing that happens in the end with Gus is he gets a raise and extension.

If by some miracle he did end up at Arkansas, I suppose I would embrace him as our coach, but I don’t expect that he’ll ever even match what he’s done at Auburn in Fayetteville. He’s been pretty good, but Auburn has a lot of built in advantages that we don’t have and we play basically the same schedule.

I guess our fans clamoring for more Arkansas people running things will be giddy though.

They have been talking with other coaches not named Gus.

Just a hunch or do you have information from one side or the other?