New Coach

From all I have read, I really like this hire. We will not know for awhile, but it seems great now (don’t they all on the first day?). By far and away, his most important job is to get some basketball players in here. Mikes biggest failure was to not recruit the type players needed to win at a high level in the numbers needed. Seemed like he always had gaps and was never ahead of the game.

On the floor, this guy seems like a more up tempo Eddie. That is a good thing. Perhaps we will rebound and play defense again. I finally quit watching or going because I was so tired of seeing us give up wide open shots or even layups, and never blocking out on the boards (one of the most basic items). I don’t think he will put up with that.

I read someone concerned about players leaving. That is always a concern with a new guy, but if the guys are not willing to put in the work, then so be it. Look at the final four teams. All four work very hard and contest everything.

Mike is a great guy and really seemed to take care of his players. That is a good thing. He ran a clean program. I wish him well and he will always be one of us. At least, he and his family should be financially well suited now. That always helps.