New Coach

I truly like Mike Anderson. Most people do I believe. He is a link to the best team we ever had. He helped give us that National Championship.

If Bobby Portis and Michael Qualls had stayed, and had Malik Monk joined the program, things might be very different now. We had talent and would have had two superstars and one very good player on a team that might have made it to the Final Four. Perhaps momentum from that team would have given us more talented player and outstanding teams.

But none of that happened. We have a superstar in Daniel Gafford and what seems to be some tame talented young players.

Things look pretty bleak, but this team could still continue to improve and be a good teal by the season’s end.

But more than likely this season will end disappointly as most of Mike Anderson’s teams have.

I thank Daniel Gafford for returning, but he needs to move on at the end of the year and have an outstanding NBA career.

Mike Anderson has had years to build Arkansas into a championship level team. We had Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson who had the basketball programs at levels that rival the elite teams.

Mike Anderson has not done this. He has had all these years. He has had some success but not near the success that was expected from him

I am sorry he hasn’t done the job we all wanted. But this should be his last year.

Hawg ball has been gone since 1997.

Yes it has. But Mike Anderson has cleaned the program up and he has accomplished it with integrity and respect.
We should appreciate what he’s done.
I’m not a win at all cost type of guy but I would like to see CMA adjust to the young talent and make some changes like play more Man to man and half court defenses in an attempt to stop allowing opponents so many easy layups and dunks.

Do all fan bases always want to fire their coaches after losses or is that just an Arkansas thing? I’m not on other team boards often but CMA has got to be one of the least appreciated coaches for his winning percentage. Since the guy has been here it’s just been fire, fire, fire.

Even in the last 2 seasons which was 2 of our better seasons historically all the threads of CMA ain’t getting it done and time for a change post always come up. I remember around this same time last year after we started 1-3 in conference people started predicting how we wouldn’t make the tournament and calling for a change. How about let the season play out and see what happens, we still have at least 15 games left, we just hit the half-way point. I’ve seen teams start off hot and look good at this point and blow it going down the stretch and not make the tournament, and I’ve seen teams that looked horrible in January look great in February/March and make deep runs. It’s my pet peeve when somebody sits and complains and all they do is call for the coach to be fired, then when we start winning come and jump back on the train acting like they been on it the whole time.

First, I agree 100% that lets wait until the end of the year before seeing where we are. However, if you think people who are upset are posting after just one loss… well, you actual know better than that.

I didn’t say after one loss, I said after losses, seems like during every losing stretch every year all let’s fire the coach thread pops up. We’ve been in this situation before, let’s see how the season plays out. The team could end up doing like the previous 2 teams that started SEC play 1-3 and catch fire and end up getting a decent seed in the tournament, or they could completely blow it, nobody knows. I just don’t see the point in bringing up all the let’s fire the coach threads, we know he’s not getting fired in the middle of the season, so it’s kinda pointless to even bring it up.

And I’m not saying CMA is untouchable or unfireable or anything like that. I just said in another thread, I think he’s got to finish this season strong, and if the team doesn’t make the tournament they need to at least look really good down the stretch and look like a guaranteed tournament team going into next year. I also think that 2020 class is going to be a defining moment on how the CMA era goes, if we get to November and missed on guys like Moses Moody, Bryce Thompson, and Chris Moore and the team isn’t looking absolutely amazing or doesn’t make a deep tournament run next season, it may be the beginning of the end, that’s just my opinion.

Do you realize what you just said?..

“Every losing stretch every year”
That’s part of the problem.
It’s come to be routine

Yes, and as someone who watches a lot of college basketball 95% of teams have a stretch where they lose games every year.

Just look at the SEC right now, there’s only 3 teams out of 14 that haven’t lost multiple games in a row this season. So, I ask you the question do you realize what you are saying? Or are you just not familiar with any basketball outside of the Arkansas Razorbacks?

About the same time hand checking was reeled in???

Yes, Mich St had some issues a few years back and they called for Izzo to be fired. Seen some KY fans call for Cal’s Head, and I’ve even seen some Duke fans say Coach K isn’t in his prime anymore. Heck, last year Va fans were calling for Bennett’s Head, can you imagine if we were a #1 seed and lost to a 16. WholeHog would have to shut down because of the hate that would appear.

Ahh, a jap66 sighting!

And trying to revitalize it 8 years ago was an obvious mistake

Mike’s not going anywhere. Call the hogs and let it go.

The 1999 team with Hood, Reid and Bradley beat #6 Kentucky and #2 Auburn. That sure seemed like Hog Ball to me. Arkansas scored 90+ to beat Kentucky and broke 100 to defeat Auburn. Bud Walton was full and electric, fans standing and making noise the entire game. That team was the last really good Razorback basketball team. WPS

20 years… two decades… sad.

We beat #1 Auburn and #3 KY in 1998-1999. We won the SECT in 2000. It’s been gone for a while, but not quite as long as you think.

Sure there have been some bright spots, but the fact those are the ones you can come up with seemingly tell the tale.