New coach will have a tough task

It’ll be more than the signing period I’m afraid.

I agree General, once we get the new HC I believe we will have to watch to see how many defections of actual talent may opt for the transfer portal.
It may get much worse before it ever gets better if you can believe that.
Next years schedule is brutal.

Go Hogs!

Well, quite frankly, there’s very little actual talent on the hill.

Some could leave, if we get a good coach that the players are excited about they may not. Many were saying that several basketball players were going leave when Mike left. What happened, we lost one player and he was dismissed. Emory-Simpson left if Mike was going to be here or not.

Arkansas football is not dead, but near death. We can only hope muss revives the basketball program to powerhouse status soon and Van Horne keeps doing his thing. Football is a long way from being even competitive.

Having been doing this for some 38 years now, there has always been turnover when a new coach is hired in a major sport.

Sometimes is is the kid’s choice to leave.

Sometimes it is the coach’s decision

You have to sign them, develop them, and prepare them for big time football. To do all that it takes more than one man. It takes a program. It’s not just Saban or Swinney. IT’S A PROGRAM. It takes a lot of buy in from a lot of people for that to happen. That will be the biggest hurdle for the new coach to get people to buy in. Programs develop where people are all in. The past two years are the result of no buy in. Players didn’t. assistant coaches didn’t , fans didn’t, and the media didn’t. “Left lane and hammer down”, may have sounded good but who really bought in to that? Reality set in real soon.